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Welcome friends of poetry!
welkom vrienden v/d dichtkunst!
willkommen Ihr Freunde der Dichtkunst!

  > German Original*
Fred Schywek

Moaning call from Asia’s Candy Melody
a Lady Wonder surely
Jack’s friends there on Heaven’s Boulevard
broken stars mountain folks with electric guitar
awarding gold under the choppers
of the Hollywood Hills
We found our Stairway to Heaven standing on Sunset
understanding Charlie’s anger gold dust tears thousand dead
all screaming in vain black and white the color red
pain in the studios
where strangers burningly kiss each other

M in this Armageddon on cold car street
hamburger shit, in accordance, from the sea rushes the oil
the entourage of the devil’s Generals
wash gold into your eyes
Movie of cities cut down
in time with the shredder machines
Panorama world of money and fake tit’s milk songs
white and directly from the virgin on the top

double deal sold love for the world for the ball
of the end of people the angels of los angeles
county near to the deserted Mojave Desert,
I 40 & Route 66
clean off the juices of the last night
you holy celebrity of the open streets

In the morning musicians hustle, oh yeah Johnny eighty springs
on this star of palm pepper land riled to the power of three
the scripts arrive from all over the world from the other star
light for your last Kodak movie for future flesh
without these circles around eyes stretched out condoms
sets for the black sky not for the white
the angels have come down
the Cadillacs of deep souls

oh lordylord in this puddled LAND
that is what is lacking in this drama who wants
to be back on this rainbow sticky with blood
fantasy is not given – bye bye just run along
the rodeo girls kept their class between the miles
Do you want to stay on lines of light I love you
more than ever, one day it becomes future
on this love street with hairy vomit
star 1 is the bank two isn’t speaking anymore
she lives there hangs around until the next award ceremony

once there was war on this LAND
real and it burned in this South
yet angel’s sword, it doused the hellish fire
it now expands the script of Cee es eye
for you for me for the dollar man

This morning on the shiny 3D orange
hangs already this satellite, already life in the ether
so nothing reeks on human soil
of this city who transmits dimensions
of the big sea

LA *Hollywood Boulevard* Photo Fred Schywek copyright 2018

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